How To Play

It's FREE to play LoveFotball Predictor League


All you need to do is first register on the LoveFootball fantasy football league site. It is quick and easy you can do it either with your email or
via facebook coonect. And it’s free.

How To Play

To make your predictions you will need to login at the top of this page.

LoveFootball Predictor will be chosen from English Premier League games and Other European leagues as well. Including Spanish la Liga, French Lique 1, Italian league, Champions League, Eufa Cup, FA Cup. All Prediction must be made before the first game of the game week. The game week can either on Saturday or Tuesday & Each Lovefootball account gets one free prediction attempt per game week.

All you need to do is predict accurately the final score of the games selected for the week. If you successfully predict all the games presented for the week you will win either part of or all of N10,000 cash!

Jackpot Accumulator

If no-one predicts all of the scores correctly we will add N10,000 to the next game week. (if no one wins in week 1, week 2 and week 3 the Jackpot prize for week 4 will be N40,000.

The Predictor League
Do not worry if you not win the weekly jackpot. Each user will get 7 points for every "Correct Score Prediction" and 3 for every correct result (For example, if you pick Chelsea to win 2-0 and they only win 1-0 you will receive 3 points). The user(s) with the most points at the end of the season will win part of N100, 000 at the End of the Season.

Tie Breaker

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