Prize Detail

LoveFootball Predictor League.

N10,000 weekly Jackpot for any user that predicts all the results of correctly in a game week

Prize Accumulator 

If no one predict all the scores correctly for the week we will add N10,000 to the following week's Jackpot. 

e.g if no one wins in game week 1 (N10,000) Jackpot the Jackpot for week 2 will be N20,000 and if no one successfully predicts all the scores correctly in week 3 the jackpot will be N30,000.... So if there is no winner till game week 7, the Jackpot will be N70,000

Everytime a user wins the Jackpot the prize will reset to N10,000 the following game week

There are a minimum of 38 weeks in a season. Remember we would include champions league and other cup game as well.

*Please not that Jackpot will be shared amongs winners* the total Jackpot will be shared amongs the winners equally.

Predictor League:

The winner of the predictor League will win N100,000 at the end of the season

Players must be 18years and above to participate. Term & Condition Apply

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